About Us

We started Tameside’s first ever distillery in July 2019.

Our Ethos

Create gin which is completely unpractical for the mass producers to make.
Do it the hard way. The results are worth it.

Our Distillery

We had the funds to either start a gin brand and get somebody else to make it, or do it the hard way and actually open a distillery.
We chose to make our own gin. No contract distilling. Our product is made entirely in house.

Our Gin

Part boiler infusion, part vapour infusion, our gin is distilled as slowly as possible in our 100 litre stills.
We extract the absolute maximum flavour from the distillation. Any more and the gin is cloudy.
For our fruit based gins, we only use real fruit. No artificial flavours, colours or sugar is added.
We call it "proper gin". It’s the flavour Big Alcohol can only dream about.


Left: boiler infusion, where most of the ingredients go
Right: vapour infusion, used for citrus peels in Tameside Gin

No Gimmicks

No flavour essences.
No added sugar.
No artificial colours.
No sparkly glitter nonsense.
No 20% "gin" liqueurs.
If we can't make it from 100% natural plant based ingredients, then we don't make it.

Willow Wood

Willow Wood Hospice is an adult hospice providing specialist palliative care for patients with life limiting illnesses.
They celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2019.
We distil and bottle their unique gin. We support the charity by subsidising each bottle of gin we supply.
More information: www.willowwood.info