Welcome to Tameside Distillery.


Made from scratch
Golden Rum
Golden Rum
40% vol
Black Rum
Black Rum
40% vol

Flavoured Rum

Infused with flavours and spices
Original Spiced Rum
Original Spiced
40% vol
Black Coffee Rum
Black Coffee
40% vol
Cocoa Bean Rum
Cocoa Bean
40% vol
Orange & Ginger Rum
Orange & Ginger
40% vol

Dry Gin

All flavour from distillation
Tameside Gin
Signature gin
42% vol
Father's Ruin Gin
Spiced gin
42% vol
Pink Pepper Gin
Pepper gin
42% vol
Vitamin Sea Gin
Navy strength gin
57% vol

Flavoured Gin

Infused with real fruit
Blueberry & Vanilla Gin
Blueberry and
40% vol
Blood Orange Gin
40% vol
Dark Cherry Gin
Dark sweet and
Morello cherries
40% vol
Earl Grey Gin
Earl Grey
tea infused
40% vol
Pink Grapefruit Gin
40% vol
Triple Berry Gin
Raspberry, strawberry
& blackberry
40% vol


Sip neat over ice
Hazelnut Chocolate Vodka
Hazelnut Chocolate
25% vol
Marmalade Toffee Fudge Vodka
Marmalade Toffee Fudge
25% vol
Peppermint Espresso Vodka
Peppermint Espresso
25% vol
Strawberry Butterscotch Vodka
Strawberry Butterscotch
25% vol

Willow Wood

Supporting our local charity
Willow Wood Gin
Willow Wood Gin
40% vol
Willow Wood Four Berry Gin
Four Berry Gin
38% vol


Personalised bottles
Personalised bottles

Gift Sets

4x 100ml bottles
Gin gift set
Gin set
Rum gift set
Rum set